Eddie Morgan a Sam Jones, Llysnewydd

Arhydedd arbennig i Eddie Morgan, Llysnewydd, Cilycwm o feirniadu y gwartheg yn y Prif Gylch yn y Ffair Aeaf Cymraeg, 2019. Hefyd yn cyfrannu i’r sylwebaeth mae Sam Jones o bentref Cilycwm

A great honour bestowed on Eddie Morgan from Cilycwm on being chosen to judge the Cattle in the Main Ring at the Welsh Winter Fair, 2019. Also taking part in the commentary is Sam Jones from Cilycwm.

Cliciwch ar y linc / Click on the link – around 40 minutes

Click here.

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One Response to Eddie Morgan a Sam Jones, Llysnewydd

  1. William Theophilus says:

    Many, many congratulations to Cilycwm’s judge in the cattle section in the Welsh Winter Fair, namely, Edison (Eddie) Morgan!

    And an excellent commentary to accompany Eddie in the main ring at Llanelwedd, was given by Sam Jones. Very deserving to both of them, having supported the cause of livestock exhibiting as well as judging over so many years.

    Llongyfarchiadau i’r ddau ohonoch.

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