A visitor from Australia seeking her roots

Visiting Blaenau Tywi from Parramata, New South Wales, Australia is Jan Roe and her cousin Vicki.  Jan’s grandparents were buried in Seion Chapel, Rhandirmwyn.

Jan also visited Troedrhiwfer, Tynyddol, Whitehall Isaf, Penybont, Broncwrt Cottage and Maescaerhyg where her ancestors used to live, most of the time employed as miners in the Nantymwyn Lead Mines.  The families were the Lloyd’s of Maesllwynfuddai and the Thomas family from Penybont.

A special thanks to the Stone family in Troedrhiwfer for the warm welcome.


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One Response to A visitor from Australia seeking her roots

  1. Jan Roe says:

    Hello All,
    I would like to thank Dafydd for the effort he went to to show me where
    All of my Ancestors lived and are buried, he did this out of the goodness of his heart and I really appreciate that, I would also like to thank The Stone Family for their kindness in letting me photograph their home which I believe my grandfather Thomas Thomas lived before coming to Australia, They also gave me a book about the Revd Evan Armstrong who was my grandfathers first cousin. (Thank you) I am a Thomas,Lloyd,Jones,Evans,Morgan which all lived in the Valley and I am very proud of that. My mother was also Welsh a Jones born in GwaunCaeGurwen. Visiting Chapel Seion was an incredible experience as was the whole Valley and the people.
    Thank you all, I will be back.
    Kind Regards
    Jan Thomas (Roe)

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