Quads Bikes – message from PCSO Helen Fender

There has been an increase in Quad Bike thefts.

The National Farmers Union 2014 data puts quad bikes as the one number item stolen in the rural community. They are portable, with little or no security and few identifiable features. New quad bikes are expensive to buy therefore stolen ones offer a good return for the thief.

The below can assist you to protect your quad bike.

• Secure and immobilise the vehicle when not in use.

• Consider fitting an immobiliser to the vehicle such as intelligent band www.intelligentband.co.uk and a tracker device.

• Lock them in secure buildings and consider using ground anchor plates and chains for extra security.

• Avoid leaving machines in open view when not in use.

• There are a number of marking kits on the market making your vehicle very identifiable and therefore less desirable to a thief. If the quad is stolen should it be recovered it can be returned to you.

You can download a poster with this advice – please click here.

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