New marketplace pages

There are now marketplace pages in the Cilycwm menu.

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  1. Jane Evans says:

    A cautionary tale

    Whilst I’ve been ‘at home’ recuperating from surgery I’ve been out walking to mobilise and strengthen my hip, increasing the distance daily. I live in Abercamlais, Cilycwm, which as we know is in a very rural area, but have felt at times that in my attempts to recover I have put my life at risk, yet all I have done is walk the lanes around my house with crutches and collie in tow. The risk has come from vehicles on the road – cars, delivery trucks, log lorries – who think they ‘know’ the narrow lanes and drive at too fast a speed for the twists and bends and therefore lack of visibility. Vehicles are totally unaware that I’m on the road until perhaps only a few yards away – more than once have I escaped injury by hugging the verges and waving them down – when they swerve and slam on brakes to avoid an accident.

    I have probably been guilty of driving too fast myself in the past but will avoid doing so again when I’m back behind the wheel.

    Dangers of rural accidents were brought home to me yesterday (Thursday August 20th) when I became involved in the reporting of a collision between a lorry and a car not far from my home. I was having lunch when a man rang my door bell wanting to use my land line. He had been driving his lorry towards Llandovery from Rhandirmywn when he took a request on his ‘cb’ radio from a lorry behind, for an ambulance to attend the accident scene. He had no mobile phone signal and my house – over two miles from the accident – offered him the first opportunity to make an emergency call. The lorry driver tried his best to explain to the emergency services the exact location of the accident, but with no road names or numbers it was very difficult to make a ‘non local’ understand. He was on the phone for about 10 minutes during which time I wondered how severe could the injuries be? How were the injured people feeling?

    In towns and cities accidents are usually visible and help is on the scene quickly. In the countryside, less severe accidents can become fatalities if they are unreported due to lack of mobile phone signals or there are no witnesses. Help may be on its way but due to distances involved it may arrive too late.

    Take care on the roads. We live in a rural idyll, let’s keep it that way.

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