Dechrau Canu….. Filming for the Welsh ‘Songs of Praise’


Recordiwyd Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol o Gapel y Croes, Cilycwm ar nos Lun, y 7fed o Hydref, 2019. Diolch i Aled Edwards am arwain ac i Elaine Robins am cyfeilio, ac i bawb a wnaeth cefnogi y noswaith.

The Welsh version of “Songs of Praise” recently recorded an evening in Capel y Groes, Cilycwm. Thanks to all who supported the event, especially Aled Edwards for conducting and Elaine Robins for accompaniment.

Côr Cyswllt Cilycwm (llun Wil clic)
Y gynulleidfa yn barod i ddechrau……
Y cantorion yn cyrraedd…….
Paratoi y Capel at ffilmio……

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    A few familiar faces here! Well done everybody. Great to see the chapel being used for such a worthwhile event.

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