A warning message from Thelma Stenning

A message from Thelma Stenning:

WARNING – Danger to dogs and people

I want to record my Daughter’s very upsetting experience when walking her dog this morning on the Cynghordy road. A man, who she thinks was in his seventies, driving a blue land-rover type car, stopped and asked her if she had a black bag with her to clean up after her dog. She showed him the bag and assured him she always cleaned up. His response was to say he had a gun in the car and would use it if he saw someone not cleaning up after their dog. My Daughter then replied, ‘What shoot the dog?’ and he said ‘yes, and the owner, I’ve done it before’.

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2 Responses to A warning message from Thelma Stenning

  1. David Moloney says:

    Did she get his vehicle index?
    Report him to the Police. Let them give him a warning.

  2. Jane says:

    How awful. Dog owners do need to be reminded, if necessary, to pick up dog poo, but threats such as this are intolerable. I hope he is identified and shamed. Poor girl.

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