Book Launch of the Blaenau Tywi Newsletter. Collected Edition

The Book Launch of the Blaenau Tywi Newsletter. Collected Edition 1989 – 2012.

Launch will occur on Fri Dec 7th at The Castel Hotel Llandovery 11.00 – 1.00pm with John Milner, founder of the publication in 1989 and others involved in its 23 year long production.

This quarterly newsletter publication was named Blaenau Tywi, in recognition of the beauty of the upper Tywi valley and, is itself a source of memory and recollection collated over 23 years [1989 -2012] stretching back into the 19th century. It encompasses social and natural history, historical, archaeological and anecdotal information demonstrating an appreciation and love of landscape and the communities and people of the Upper Tywi Valley. It is unique and unrepeatable record of many aspects of life in the Upper Tywi .

The founding group of Blaenau Tywi began to regularly meet in 1989, and gave feet to the idea of a local Newsletter arising during a conversation between John Milner and Rev Alan Kettle. This Newsletter would not be for the church but for all the people in the district , particularly in Rhandirmwyn, Cynghordy and Cilycwm.

Dedicated volunteer distributors conveyed by foot, the small local quarterly publication to at one time 270 annual household subscribers, not all of whom were located in the region – subscribers were located across the globe and in Aberystwyth – the location of some of the most committed crossword respondents.

The content of the publication over its 23 years can never be replicated, it has emerged with the lives of individuals and communities; articles bore witness to the experience and memories of events and people past and present – many contributors are sadly no longer with us, but their written words have created an open doorway to their lives and communities which can re-engage with readers of this complete archival format – readers of today and of the future.

With over 200 pages in A3 format, this archival edition will give hours of pleasure and insight into times passing.

All profits generated [after printing costs] will be donated to the League of Friends of Llandovery Community Hospital which continues to serve us, the people of the Upper Tywi Valley with dedication and at time, against all odds.

First and further editions will subsequently be available from Post Datum, Stone Street Llandovery and The Royal Oak, Rhandirmwyn.

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