Births, Deaths and Marriages

Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Cilycwm area.

Our local historian, Dafydd Tomos, has, over the last few years, spent his winter evenings collating the information in Chapel and Church records into spreadsheets for visitors to the Blaenau Tywi History website. This has provided an enormous amount  of information which will assist the many visitors to the site trace their family history.

The spreadsheets are available as downloadable PDFs from a page on the Blaenau Tywi History website.

Please click here to visit the site.

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4 Responses to Births, Deaths and Marriages

  1. Kevin Lewis says:

    Hello. I am visiting the town on the 6 January for a friend of mine in Sydney. He families are Jones and Thomas. I will get some particulars from her before i come over. I am attending Wales to search for more of my relatives also. Many thanks

  2. Jim Marshall. says:

    I am anxious to trace the burial place of my old friend, Ted James of Bwlch y Ffin Farm, Rhandir-mwyn. I used to be highly active with assisting him in guarding the pairs of breeding Red Kites on [ and near ] his land, every breeding season from 1956 and onward to 1961. Our association and my crusade was reduced due to Academic circumstances, by my attendance at University in London until the summer of 1965. Then was further reduced by working abroad and in London. I am aware that Ted lost his Son under very tragic circumstances. Please could you provide me with any details with reference to Ted’s family and whereabouts, including final resting places. May I thank you for your time. Very Best Wishes: Jim.

  3. Handel Jones says:

    Llongyfarchiadau, Dafydd.
    Gwaith gorchestol.
    Mae ein dyled i ti yn enfawr.

  4. Angie Hicks says:

    Brilliant! Can now find out more of my family from Cilycwm. We did a similar thing in our village, Brynaman. We are now in the process of mapping out the graveyards, to save people some time when trying to find graves.

    Diolch yn fawr, Dafydd. Gobeithio dy gwrdd eto, efallai yn y Neuadd Arms, lle roedd chwaer fy’n hen famgu, Mary Roderick yn byw.

    Angie Hicks.

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