Pleidleisiwch dros y dderwen / Vote for Pwllpriddog oak

I bleidleisio, ewch i’r linc ar waelod  –  To Vote, go to the link at the bottom

Pwllpriddog Oak, Rhandirmwyn, Blaenau Tywi

Coeden Gymreig y Flwyddyn, 2018  /  Woodland Trust – Tree of the Year, 2018

Standing in a hedgerow just outside the quiet village of Rhandirmwyn in Carmarthenshire, this tree is a giant, with a girth of some 8.4 metres. Some have estimated it to be 600-700 years old, while local historians believe it was planted to commemorate the Battle of Bosworth. It is reputed to have been the hiding place of a king; the local pub is known as the Royal Oak, after all.

The tree is hollow, and there are a number of YouTube clips of bands and choirs singing inside it.

Many years ago it is understood to be a meeting place for local lovers. The farm used it as the shelter for the pig and now the ducks from the current owner roost and hatch in the branches.



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4 Responses to Pleidleisiwch dros y dderwen / Vote for Pwllpriddog oak

  1. Marian Jones says:

    Wedi pleidleisio ar ôl clywed sgwrs ddiddorol ar radio cymru.
    Coeden gwerth ei diogelu.
    Dymuniadau gorau!

  2. Pwllpriddog is where I was born used to play house in the old oak tree

  3. Gwenlais Davies says:

    Ardderchog …make sure it is preserved.

  4. David Bevan says:

    It is wonderful to see pictures of this grand old oak tree – we occupied the neighboring farm, Dinas Bach for 18 years. We would pass this tree every time we visited our local pub, the Royal Oak. There are quite a few stories to tell about this tree.

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