Waste Amnesty in Llandovery

There is a waste amnesty at Llandovery Livestock Mart, tomorrow morning, (Thursday, 14, September) between 8am-until –1pm.

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3 Responses to Waste Amnesty in Llandovery

  1. William Theophilus says:

    Household waste, which excludes agricultural and commercial enterprises. Most household appliances and furniture. I assume the status quo prevails to previous terms and conditions for approved disposal. A maximum of four tyres. No hazardous chemicals or paint was previously posted?

    I haven’t viewed the local paper publications.

  2. William Theophilus says:

    Sorry about the delay in sending this news item on Chris, but it was only earlier I had confirmation through the local authority switchboard. The amnesty notice didn’t appear to be on the C.C.C. website at the time, although the notice had been published in local newspapers recently.

  3. Maureen Jones says:

    Waste amnesty great, but what sort of waste?

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