Survey of nest boxes in the Community Park

Dick Turner has sent in the results of a survey of the nesting boxes in the Community Park.

Survey of nest boxes in the Community Park:

1 Small hole type – Occupied, Moss plus feathers in a ball, Lid needs securing

2 Open type – nothing

3 Open type – nothing

4 Couldn’t find it.

5 Mouse box – just slugs, but should have been checked in the spring to see if hibernating mice had used it.

6 Large hole box – nothing

7 Couldn’t find it.

8 Mouse box with small hole on the inside – occupied ball of moss and feathers

9 Owl Box – occupied: twigs plus some lining of moss etc.

Un-numbered where footpath re-joins the field. Mouse box – no sign of occupation. (see above) needs new wire.


Disappointing that the open-fronted type and the large hole type have not been used. The open ones probably need to be hidden better. Tawny owls do use twigs so this looks like good news. The two with moss and feathers could be wrens. Any other ideas? (Dick Turner)


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