New book about the Pumpsaint Temple of Stars.

Jay Laville has written a book titled  Introduction to the Pumpsaint Temple of the Stars.

Set in the spectacular mountains and peaceful valleys of west and mid-Wales, amidst a landscape of standing stones, circles, hill-forts and cairns, lie the remnants of an ancient outdoor temple of Celtic, iron-age origin; referred to in the prose of the early Welsh bards. Within a 12-mile radius of the centre of the temple, beautifully-crafted symbols of the constellations of the night sky have been etched onto the soil of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. The Dolaucothi gold-mines are sited at its heart. This book is an introduction to the location and lore of the individual sites within this mystical sanctuary of the Druids.

It contains information which is relevant to the Cilycwm area which is covered by one of the constellation symbols.

The book is available on Amazon – please click here to go to the Amazon page.

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