Threatened closure of Llangadog recycling centre.

The Llangadog Recycling Centre is under threat of closure again. A petition has been started to Ask Carmarthenshire Ciunty Council to ensure it continues. 

You can sign the petition by clicking here.


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2 Responses to Threatened closure of Llangadog recycling centre.

  1. Don Chester says:

    1. We already have to motor 20 odd miles to either NantyCaws or Llangadog to recycle anything since the ‘council’ closed the local site near Llanybydder.
    2. We already suffer from morons dumping their rubbish in Brechfa Forest, on the edge of the forest or the common on Llanybydder Mountain.
    The all too obvious consequences of this are that these situations are going to get worse if the people in charge insist on closing the few facilities that we have.
    Every time I’ve been to Llangadog over the last 16 years they have been busy, yet always friendly and ready to help. Not only must it not close but it should allowed to expand.
    Rant over.

  2. John Jenkins says:

    Its important this amenity stays open otherwise the cases of fly tipping
    already a major problem will increase.The staff are always helpful and

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