Cilycwm Chess Club

Monday evenings at the Neuadd Arms in Cilycwm have seen a subtle change of atmosphere in the last few weeks. The usual banter is still flying around but in one corner few words are spoken; intense concentration rules as the players think through their next moves. It’s the new Cilycwm Chess Club, an informal group, bringing together chess players of all standards united by the desire to deepen their understanding of this ancient game.

The aims of the two founders, Roger Hemmings and Dick Turner, are to offer a congenial atmosphere in which anyone taking part can both learn and teach.They are always happy to play open tutorial games where each move is discussed, and just as happy to play in deadly earnest, with no quarter given. Even absolute beginners are welcome.

Sessions start at 8.30 – please come and join us. We’re on facebook too:

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