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I have a feeling this enquiry was posted before. I have the person’s email if anyone can help (Dick)

My mother’s maiden name was Theophilus. The ancestors came from Landingat: William born circa 1827 and he married Ann Green. I can find him in the 1851 census but not in the 1841 census. Does anyone have any ideas why this is? Also, although I have visited the archives in Carmarthen I am unable to find a birth record for him. I think that his Father’s name was also William born about 1805 but I cannot trace a baptism or christening for him. Over the years the family moved to the Rhymney area. Please can any one help?

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  1. N Rose says:

    I believe my g.g. grandfather Morgan John Davies was born in Cilycwm in about 1817. His mother’s name was Anne and his father’s christian name is unknown but he was an agricultural laborer. Morgan Davies appeared in the 1841 Census as a shoe maker lodging with farmers in Eskerwen, Cwmdu. His first wife was Anne Thomas from Cwmdu and his second wife was Mary Jones from Porthseli, Talley. His children were: Margaret, Anne, John, David, Sarah, James, Thomas, Henry and Jane. I would appreciate any information relating to his parents, children or from relatives of which there are many. Many thanks!

    • Richard Morgan says:

      Morgan Davies, is my g.g grandfather, his son John Davies, Sarah Anne Davies is my grandmother, father. I have a detailed family tree from this side of my family and happy to share.



  2. D Alun Evans says:

    My Gt Gt Grandfather Benjamin James (1815-1905) died with his daughter Ann Morgan Llwynhowel Llandovery. Rees Morgan & Ann had Morgan, Bessie, Benjamin,Margaretta,John & James Rees. One of the descendants of this family was known to me (Benjamin Thomas Gerwyn Morgan) He died last christmas and was buried at Llandovery. I once met, in the 1960’s, two bachelors that I believe to be part of the famiy living a Aberdunant.
    I wonder If you have any local information of this family.

    Thanks D Alun Evans

  3. Gail Brooke says:

    Isaac Morgan born in 1746 and died in 1824 in Cilycwm. Can anyone tell me if there is a grave there? I am not far away and would like to visit. He is my 5th Great Grandfather,his son travelled to Sunderland where the family lived. I am now living in South Wales. Full Circle.

  4. jennifer rees says:

    I am trying to locate my great great uncle Morgan davies who was born in the area in 1847 and was a shoemaker (so I believe ) .In the 1851 census the family were living in Cwm ,no other part of the address given. I think he married a local girl Anne Harries in 1865 and died in Cil y cwm in 1885. His father William came from Llanddewi Brefi
    to farm at Penrhyn nr Rhandirmwyn the family moved around the area to work on a succession of farms. Morgan ‘s father and mother finally settled in Llwynberllan ,Ffarmers. One of his sisters Anne i believe married a farmer called William Williams and had several children by him. If any one could help me with my search I would be most grateful
    Jennifer Rees

  5. Amanda Thomas says:

    Do you have any more information on David Vincent Lewis the Headmaster from 1922/1928,and his family as he was my Great Great Grandfather.
    Kind Regards
    Amanda Thomas

  6. Angela Hicks says:

    Hi, I added something last week, but have found out more since, so perhaps my new info will be more helpful. My great grandmother, Ann Rees, was born at Clyngell Fach farm. Her parents were Rees Rees, born in Llanwrda and her mother was Margaret Davies, born in Llangadog. Both Rees and Margaret were born in 1832. They most probably met on Clyngell farm, which according to the 1851 census was owned by a David Price. Margaret was staying there, noted as a relative on the census. Rees was there as a farm labourer. Margaret was also at Clyngell during the 1841 census.

    By the 1861 census, Margaret was dead, Rees was living at Clyngell Fach ( did D. Price give them some land when they got married?) and was noted as a widower. He had 3 young girls, Ann my great grandmother being one. His mother, Ann Rees was also there.

    Rees went on to marry an Ann, from Cilycwm, according to the 1871 census, they lived at Rhandirmwyn farm, Cilycwm. They had some children together,one boy being Rees, who later in life lived in Cilycwm with his mother and I think he was a butcher.

    Two of Ann’s sisters stayed in Cilycwm, one being Mary, who married a Lewis Roderick and they kept the Neuadd Arms for many years. Lewis was an estate manager at Neuadd Fawr. One of their daughters, Lily, moved to South Africa with her husband Tom Roberts. Tom arranged for my father to have a job with him in Johannesburgh during the 1950’s, but my mother refused to go at the last minute, so we stayed in Wales!

    Another sister married Daniel Jones and kept the Lamb Shop.

    If anyone has any extra info for me I’d be thrilled to have some! I know Clyngell is still there in Cilycwm, but is Clyngell fach and Rhandirmwyn farm?

    I remember visiting some relatives in Cilycwm during the 50’s and early 60’s, but I can’t remember who! They were my grandfather’s aunts and cousins.

    Thanks for reading this, hope someone can help. Hopefully, I may get in touch with distant family!



  7. Teresa says:

    Hi again, you are definitely on the right track. It is true William born 1827 cannot be found in the 1841 census, believe me I have looked and looked and still not found out where he was during this census. I too have been to the Carmarthen records office and not found William born 1805, but I believe that his Fathers name was Timothy.
    Good luck, Teresa

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